Full page – in-text citations and works cited-outside research required. The topic is Entry mode of Bring Kroger to Aruba.


The idea is that we plan to set up a Kroger supermarket in the Aruba (island). We have done two paper before this, to explain company profile and country profile. This paper focus on the entry mode.

The paper need to answer this question:

How does your (I choose the management contract) entry mode compare to the ones they currently use? If you are using something different then you need to explain why.

Two paragraph:

One is to explain and analyze Kroger company currently use entry mode.

Another is to explain what is Management contract enter mode and explain the upsides and downside, but intend to explain more upsides about it and why management contract is good one.

To compare management contract enter mode and currently entry mode, tell me the why choose the Management contract.


This is my research, hope it helps:

Right now Kroger uses the entry mode of mergers to acquire other companies that are then subsidiaries of Kroger.The subsidiary means that the new organization is a “child” company owned by a “parent” company.