Gender and society | Social Science homework help

Gender and society | Social Science homework help



In this course we will address a number of topics related to gender and society.  To analyze the impact of gender in society, we will first examine the way in which gender has affected our lives as individuals.  For this assignment, you will describe your “gendered self,” providing a description of gender in your everyday life, and then analyze the ways that you gender impacts your everyday life.  Describe what it means to be your gender in society and for you as an individual.  Also discuss the way in which you conform or deviate from societal expectations of masculinity or femininity.  How has gender as a social construct impacted your life choices?  Provide a detailed description and analysis of at least one example of when gender has influenced you, interactions with others, decisions, etc.  Incorporate related theories and/or course materials in your analysis.  Also consider the following questions in your paper:  How does your gender impact your every day interactions with others?  How is appearance and body image related to how you experience gender? How are your performances of gender related to other social factors such as race, class, and sexuality?  How are you rewarded or disadvantaged for the way you “do” gender everyday? 

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