Global Business Discussion 8

Global Business Discussion 8

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The decision to export or not involves research. In this Discussion you will do some background research to be able to render a more informed opinion to a CEO regarding exporting steps and advice.

Topic: Examining the Export Process

Scenario: You are the owner of a small U.S.-based apparel manufacturer, and you have decided to investigate export opportunities for your product.


  1. Read Chapter 14 in your text.
  2. Visit the U.S. Government website for The International Trade Administration’s export information site:


U.S. Department of Commerce: The International Trade Administration. (n.d.).

export.gov: Helping U.S. companies export. Retrieved from http://export.gov/

  1. Based on information contained in Chapter 14 of your text and the Internet site above, respond to the following:
    • What specific steps should this firm take to pursue exporting as a business option and what advice would you give the CEO? Explain.
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