Glst 200 discussion board 4 replies | GLST 200 | Liberty University

Glst 200 discussion board 4 replies | GLST 200 | Liberty University


 Each reply must be at least 150 words (maximum 300 words). 

Response #1

Derek Payne The little guy?

For part A. of the discussion I chose a historical event from the Wycliffe Bible Translators from the article by William Cameron Townsend. The reason I chose this article as what I think made the greatest impact on missions today, is because I believe that it is what we do for the lost that counts. In their case they took the Bible to the tribes that did not have it, despite what people were saying, that they were not worth the time. It says all throughout the Bible that Jesus came for the sick and the lost, and even shows us multiple times that he went for the harletts or the tax collector like in Luke 5:27 when Jesus went to Levi the tax collector and told him to “Follow Me.”  and he did, the ones who were “not worth saving” to other people but not to Jesus.

I chose this event because I believe everyone is worth the time to attempt to be saved, or to show the truth of the Lord to. Despite the odds they took the Bible, translated it, and got it to those who did not have it. Then in todays world there are still people out there doing that very thing. 

For Part B, I chose the African Sending, I chose this particular one because it seems like the one the has the biggest impact on the world today. Having churches all over the area in that part of the hemisphere. 


John Lickey db-4

                When it comes to what historical event or movement outside of biblical times that had the greatest impact on missions today I would have to go with the Protestant Missions led by William Carey. You cannot read a single book on missions that can be declared complete without the mention of the name William Carey. Even though others had engaged in missions prior to the Protestant Mission.  One of the reasons I feel the Protestant Missions had the greatest impact on missions today is because William Carey led the way out of Europe to the coast-lands of the world and promoted a broad Kingdom of God. Another reason it had the greatest impact is because following Carey’s example, in the next 32 years 12 similar societies formed and the next 300 years would become known as “The Great century”.  I believe William Carey did great things in service to the Lord, while at the same time while bringing Christ to the world around us he was not just leading people to salvation, but he was making the world a better place as well. I feel this way because while Carey’s main goal was to evangelize to lost souls as he improved India with his presence by showing them God’s presence.

            I feel that one of the majority world sending movements that was significance in global engagement was the Indian movement. The reason the Indian movement was significant in global engagement was because during this time many missions from many churches, denominations, theologies and traditions came together to unite on there common understanding of the commission to form India missions’ association which is now the largest mission association in the world with approximately 50,000 Indian workers and 220 organizations making them the leaders for global awareness. Indian missions focus on “proclaiming the gospel among remote tribal groups, the down-trodden and the poor”. The previous focus continues to follow William Carey’s goal of evangelize to lost souls as he improved India with his presence by showing them God’s presence even today.

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