Gravity of Earth Experiment

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The lab report should consist of data, conclusion and analysis section.
The purpose of the lab report is for you to convey what have you learned form lab exercise. The lab report should be divided in to three different sections.
1) Introduction
2) Observation and Calculation
3) Conlclusions
1) How to write introduction section?
While writing introduction section ask yourself following questions:
What is the objective of the lab? What law or hypothesis are we analyzing? [10 points]
What equipment we are using for lab and how is the lab designed? [10 points]
Please be as specific as possible in your explanation.
2) How to write the Observation and Calculation section?
This section should include image of you lab set up, observation table, graphical analysis and data recorded during in lab activity. The data should be
substituted in to equations and variables should be calculated. Full grades will be awarded when all units are written and data is systematically recorded.
Image of your experiment set up [10 points]
Compltely filled data table [10 points]
Equation used to perform lab [ 5 points]
Sample calculation [15 points]
Graph (if any) [10 points each graph]
Units associated with data [10 points]
3) How to write conclusion section?
While writing conclusion section ask yourself following questions
Data Analysis :Do theoretical value and practical value agree with each other? If, No why? If, Yes why? [5 points]
Error Analysis: Do you have any errors in your data? if so what are those error? [5 points]
Critical Thinking: If you achived the results of experiments by altering some part of the experiment share that [Optional +10]
Analytical Thinking: Write a statement combining your experimental data with objective of lab of the lab. [10 points]