Guest speaker #1 reflection | manegment 320

Guest speaker #1 reflection | manegment 320



GUEST SPEAKER REFLECTION: We will have two guest speakers this semester. Dates will be announced ahead of time. You will be required to write a two-three page reflection paper between 500 and 800 words – that addresses the following prompts:

• Which message did the speaker seek to convey?• What part of the speaker’s presentation inspired you, or resonated with you personally?• Did anything the speaker said surprise you?• How will you apply what you learned in your personal or professional leadership opportunities? • Things you learned• Questions you still have 

Guest Speaker protocol: Keep in mind that a guest speaker has taken their time to travel and present information to you that they think would be beneficial. Behaving in a respectful manner will provide the guest speaker a comfortable venue to share their expertise, and will allow you to shine as a UL student.

i have uploaded the Audio Transcript to read  and then write about it  the speaker name is  


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