What is BPR? How is BPR is connected to ERP system? Describe the process model of BPR.What are the subsystems of the manufacturing modules? How does the manufacturing module ensure effective business management?What type of surface transport handles bulk freight and bears loading, unloading and other charges? Question 7 Not yet answered Marked out of 1.00 Flag question a. Fleet b. Rail c. Vessel d. Trucking Previous page m College of Business and Science Question 8 Not yet answered The key consequence of identifying risk in a process of transport risk management is to: Marked out of 1.00 Flag question a. Identify and describe all risks that might occur on the transportation process b. Identify and verify the relative importance of the transportation risk C identify and determine the responses to the transportation risk d. Identify and describe risk that have occurred previously Previous page dern College of Business and Science