Health Care Advertisement Paper

Health Care Advertisement Paper

I’m studying for my Marketing class and need an explanation.

Select two healthcare advertisements.Write a minimum of 200 words for each advertisement explaining the effectiveness of each advertisement regarding healthcare marketing.

Typed, using correct English grammar punctuation and spelling.

Take screen shot of the 2 advertisements and add to the file.

You must have at least two references for each ad.

You must cite the source that is not the citation for the actual ad, both in the text and in a reference list – APA formatted. You must cite where the advertisement was found.You will have a reference list that has the source for the advertisement and any resources you used. At the very least it will have the two advertisement sources cited for each advertisement. Remember, if is cited in the reference list, it must be cited in the text. You do not need an abstract or running head. You do need a title page.

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