Health care organization discussion response

Health care organization discussion response


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  As competitiveness rises, the happiness the patient has received from their care, how good the service was, and strong resource management are setting the foundation for calculating patient, health care provider, and organizational results (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya, & Szmerekovosky, 2009).  In 2009, Cowing et al., observed the viewpoints of the health care organization, the health care provider, and the person receiving the health care in order to identify a more thorough course of health care delivery performance.  

         Health care organizations can have an impact on how well health care is delivered in several ways.  They can have power on requirements of an organization such as how well the operations of health care delivery are executed (Cowing et al., 2009).  This can tie into calculating how well the clinical care is executed as well as having ties to risk management.  Moreover, health care providers emphasize on the needs of their own.  Some examples include assessing how well clinicians are able to provide adequate health care (Cowing et al., 2009).  Clinicians are also looking for support from their organization in order to receive the assets they may need.  Lastly, patients sort of drive the performance measures because that is mostly how results can be assessed.  Without the patient, the health care organization and clinicians cannot do their job.  Cowing et al., explains how patients’ specific care, psychosocial, and health result needs drives patient satisfaction overall (2009).  

      In conclusion, health care organizations, patients, and clinicians all have a binding relationship and thrive off of each other in order to exist.   Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services explains how in order to fix the growing costs of health care, America must refine the method in which health care is delivered (2013).  


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (2013). Fact sheet LOWER COSTS, BETTER CARE: REFORMING OUR HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEM. Retrieved from https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/fact-sheets/lower-costs-better-care-reforming-our-health-care-delivery-system-0

Cowing, M., Davino-Ramaya, C. M., Ramaya, K., & Szmerekovsky, J. (2009). Health care delivery performance: service, outcomes, and resource stewardship. The Permanente Journal, 13(4), 72–78. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC291183

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