health research methods research paper literature review

health research methods research paper literature review



March 19, 2021

for this assignment you will write a 1500 2000 word research paper based on one of the prompt below

March 19, 2021

Throughout the semester we have been working on a literature review in my health research methods course. I sustained a concussion therefore it is difficult for me to finish this. I have already collected all the sources/references that are needed, I also have an outline that i can share with you that you could change as you go along as well. If you add anymore references if you could add them to the reference page that would be much appreciated. My topic is on how diet affects academic performance. The outline is not necessary to follow, it was just submitted that way. You can change it to adapt to the papers topics. I will attach the rubric and the outline and list of references, if you need anything else just let me know that you very much. This is due on March 24th at midnight. Thank you very much, I would do it myself but my concussion symptoms are too bad to be sitting on the computer like this. The file entitled outline checkpoint #2 has all the references in it.


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