Hello, I have a 2 pages paper that is due on sunday. It is a health science course

Hello, I have a 2 pages paper that is due on sunday. It is a health science course‌. The rubric is attached. Could assist? Here are the details:


Over the first module, you located the Code of Ethics prominently used in your profession and you applied it to a high-profile ethical breach situation that occurred in your profession. Now, it’s time to take all that you have learned and develop your own code of ethics – how you intend to apply the Code of Ethics to your own professional life, given what you have learned from the disciplinary code, as well as your own sense of ethics and core values. This is a very common academic – and professional – exercise and is a way of applying ethical codes to your life.

Write your own personal code of ethics. Include the following:

  • If someone asked you to describe your own code of ethics in a job interview, based on what you have learned, what would you say to that prospective employer? Be concise (1-2 paragraphs). Include at least 2-3 ethical values that are distinct from one another and recognized in your discipline.
  • How did reading about your discipline’s code of ethics and hearing from the panels at the Roundtable Session help shape your own personal code of ethics? Please provide examples from these portions of the course to support your statements.
  • How is your code of ethics going to assist you in making sound ethical decisions in your career?


Use course readings and at least two outside sources to support your position. Your sources should be cited in APA format. Your Code of Ethics should be no longer that 2 pages double spaced.

Here are some links from the notes in class

Leclerc, L. , Kennedy, K. & Campis, S. (2020). Human-centered leadership in health care (Links to an external site.)Nursing Administration Quarterly, 44(2), 117–126.
Chrastek, J. R. , Goloff, N. & Moore, T. (2019). A case study in cross-cultural health care and ethics. (Links to an external site.) Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing, 21(1), 8–13.
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