A. Bede

B. Leonardo Bruni

C. Edward Gibbon

D. Voltaire

The study of the supply chains of the Civil War would fall under what scale of historical study?

a. individual

b. microhistory

c. nation

d. empire

Studying colonial farmers during the American Revolution would be considered what scale of history?

a. top-down individual

b. bottom-up individual

c. nation

d. empire

Archaeology falls under what main field of study?

a. anthropology

b. history

c. physical science

d. social studies

Which of the following statements is true regarding the use of books for the study of history?

a. Due to the Internet, books are not used to study very much anymore.

b. Books can be either primary or secondary sources.

c. Books normally contain only small bits of information.

d. The information in books is usually too complicated for the average person to read.

Which of the following historians is responsible for much of the knowledge about the important ancient cultures of Egypt, Persia, and Greece?

a. Bede

b. Voltaire

c. Herodotus

d. Marc Bloch

Which of the following is an example of a primary resource?

a. an online encyclopedia

b. your history textbook

c. the diary of a Civil War soldier

d. native creation legends told as stories and passed down from generation to generation

Who is considered to be the father of history?

a. Herodotus

b. Niccolò Machiavelli

c. Tacitus

d. David McCullough

A copy of the Declaration of Independence would be considered what sort of tool for the study of history?

a. primary source

b. artifact

c. oral history

d. secondary source

Which of the following is not a tool that an archaeologist would likely use on an excavation site?

a. a jackhammer

b. a shovel

c. a brush

d. a garden trowel


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