help with milestone 2 for my MBA 640 project

help with milestone 2 for my MBA 640 project

I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

For the summative assessment in this course, you will bring your finance and economics knowledge to bear by preparing an external capital funding proposal for a major international investment at a publicly traded corporation. In order to secure the support of potential financial backers, your proposal will need to lay out what the proposed investment opportunity is, how it fits within the company’s broader mission and goals, its financial impact, and the amount being requested and why (including alternative funding mechanisms considered). In addition, it will also need to include information on the organization’s context, risk factors,and microeconomic assumptions that could affect the success of the investment.

Prompt: Submit a paper that addresses critical element IV, Risks, of the final project. Discuss any risks that might affect the success of the project and how you have planned for those contingencies. For items 4 and 5 of the rubric, please be sure to include a small worksheet showing revenue, expenses and income for the plus and minus 20%, and also a NPV calculation, as per previous announcement.

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