Historical Newspaper – academic acers

Historical Newspaper – academic acers


Primary Source Assignment: Historical Newspaper AnalysisSnelect a story from a historical newspaper and answer the guiding questions. You need not answer every questions. You should write one page single spaced or two pages double spaced, roughly 600 words.
Guiding QuestionsOBSERVE: Identify and note details •Who published the article and who was the audience for this newspaper?•What type of article is this (eye-witness account, straight news article, feature article, editorial, column,reader contribution)?•On what page and section does the article appear? What are the topics of other articles found on the samepage or section?•Is place relevant to this article? How?•Are one or more dates listed in the article? Was this article written at or around the same time period thatthe text relates to?•What information is highlighted by the headline and other text callouts, if present?•Are there any photos or illustrations? What additional information or explanation do they provide?•What does the text describe, explain, or provide an opinion on?REFLECT: Generate and test hypotheses •What is the main idea of the article? List several facts or arguments that support the main idea of the article.•Is this article a news story or an opinion piece? Is the article trying to inform or persuade? How do youknow?•Are there details that reference other people or events of t he time period? What was happening during thistime period?•Why do you think this text was made? What might have been the author’s  or publisher’s purpose? Whatevidence supports your theory?•Who do you think was the audience for this article? What evidence supports your conclusion?•If there wasinformation about the author included, does that information suggest certain biases that personmight have had? What do you think those biases were?•Examine the the words and phrases the author uses. Does the author’s language support a particularperspective? Are different viewpoints presented?•Why do you think the author chose to include these specific details of description or explanation? Whatinformation or perspectives might have been left out of the article?•What source or sources does the author quote or refer to in the article? Do you think these sources arereliable? Why or why not? What evidence supports your conclusion?•Does this article show clear bias? If so, towards what or whom? What evidence supports your conclusion?•What do you think the author might have wanted the audience to think or feel? Does the arrangement orpresentation of words, illustrations, or both affect how the audience might think or feel? How?•What do you feel after reading this article?•If someone wrote this text today, what would be different/the same?•What did you learn from examining this article? Does any new information you learned contradict orsupport your prior knowledge about the topic of this article?QUESTION: What didn’t  you learn that you would like to know about? What questions does this article raise? What do you wonder about . . . •Who?•What?•When?•Where?•Why?•How?

For more information on Historical Newspaper read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspaper

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