history midterm assignment

history midterm assignment

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Your midterm assignment is based on the essays in the Modern America Examined: A Reader text. You are going to answer TWO of these questions and are going to use the essay material in your answers. The answers should be on the average 2-3 paragraphs long.

1. Baydo Essay on Modern Indians. Describe modern legislation towards the Modern Indians since World War II.

2-Jedlicka Essay on Race Relations Since 1945. What are some of the major trends that have effected minority groups since 1945?

3.. Brudvig Essay on Forgotten Heroes. Describe how these individuals described in this essay are forgotten heroes.

4-Gonda Essay on the women’s movement since 1945. What are the major trends described in this essay for the women’s movement since 1945?

5-Kinnersley Essay on modern sports. What are the major trends that have taken place since World War II in modern sports?

6.. Heiting Essay on modern space exploration. Show how the United States Government has made achievements in space exploration since World War II.

7- Ennis essay on the evolution of the modern media since World War II. Show the trends that have occurred in television and movies since 1945.

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