Hn522 discussion 5 | Psychology homework help

Hn522 discussion 5 | Psychology homework help



Teen pregnancy as well as child abuse and neglect are critical social  issues within the field of human services. Community education is a  great way to replace inaccurate information with accurate information.  For this discussion, you will examine the role community education plays  with regard to child abuse and neglect. You will also discuss the  benefits of addressing teen pregnancy through community education.

Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the role community education plays with regard to child  abuse and neglect, and explain some of the important components of  educating the community about this issue.
  • Identify one example of a community education program related to  child abuse and neglect and describe why the program is beneficial with  regard to this social issue. 
    • In your answer, discuss whether or not anything is missing from the program that you would add.
  • Examine the role of community education as it relates to teen  pregnancy, and explain why teen pregnancy is a public health issue.
  • Discuss why community education is so important with regard to teen pregnancy.
  • Explore the benefits of addressing this social issue through educating others.



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