How City Of Cape Town Local Municipality Has Been Impacted By The Corona Virus Pandemic

How City Of Cape Town Local Municipality Has Been Impacted By The Corona Virus Pandemic



Kurt Lewin’s Model of Change Management


2.2Discuss how City of Cape Town Local Municipality has been impacted by the corona virus pandemic.

( “Current Reality.”)

2.3For this organization, perform a Force-field Analysis, based on Kurt Lewin’s model of Change Management.

2.4In your discussion, identify at least five driving forces and five restraining forces accounting for the current reality.

2.4.1 Fully motivate your selection of driving and restraining forces.

2.5Consider what strategic action would be necessary for management to take if it wishes to strengthen the organization over the next three-to-five years. For this purpose, you will be required to discuss how the driving forces should be reinforced or strengthened and how the restraining forces should be diminished or weakened.

2.5.1 Fully motivate your answer.

2.6NB: You are expected to consult a wide range of sources to adequately research this topic.

2.7It will be necessary for you to meticulously reference your sources, and to cite them in an orderly bibliographical listing at the end of the assignment. For this purpose, please follow the standard Harvard guidelines.


3.1Your report/essay must be presented as a Word document in pdf format.

3.2 You may attach any relevant annexures or supporting and supplementary material to your report/essay. (Avoid attachments which do not add value).

3.3The written report/essay size should be approximately between 4 and 6 pages,

3.4Provide at least the following:

3.4.1 Suitable introduction/Background


3.4.2 The body of your report/essay should present your findings and analysis in logical sequence, with suitable sub-headings.

3.4.3 Conclusion (which should contain your overall evaluation and if appropriate, recommendations).

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