How Conceptual Models Could Be Applied To Nursing Practice

How Conceptual Models Could Be Applied To Nursing Practice


Middle-Range Theory Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to identify central constructs and elements of the theory you selected and be able to compare/contrast that theory with the others shared by your peers.  As nursing is an art and science, we will be stretching our brains to explore a different method of inquiry and conveying knowledge/information to others.

Part One

  1. Please select and sign-up for one of the six available nursing theorist. (Katherine Kolcaba)
  2. Identify key elements (i.e. concepts/constructs/propositions) of the selected theory.
  3. Explore how this middle-range theory or conceptual model could be applied to nursing practice.
  4. Using the camera on your phone, take a minimum of three pictures that you believe captures the essence of your selected theory. Write a brief description (3-5 sentences) per picture of how or why it represents the theories key elements. Feel free to explore important concepts, constructs, metaparadigms, and/or propositions of the theory.

Part Two

  • 1 power-point slide with footnotes that situates the theory in your future practice discipline in Nursing Leadership. Then how does it apply to each of those clinical practice specialties.  *Remember, you are looking ahead to the practice role you are pursuing in your graduate education!


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