How Culture, Politics And Power Influence Individual And Team Behavior And Performance

How Culture, Politics And Power Influence Individual And Team Behavior And Performance


Your work as an organizational behavior specialist assistant in Microsoft corporation. You have been selected to join an international business forum about the implementation of the organizational behavior concepts in an organization.

You are assigned to prepare a case study handout about Microsoft or any other organization (it can be your own organization where you work or any company of your own choice) regarding importance of understanding and applying organizational behavior approaches and concepts in achieving organizational goals effectively and efficiently considering the importance of organizational culture and cultural- diversity, power and organizational politics, motivational theories, and the influence of organizational behavior on individual and team performance.

Furthermore, this case study handout should include the importance of cooperating with others to achieve organizational goals, overcome challenging problems the barriers to effective team performance, considering the importance of working within groups and teams, applying team development theories and concept such as Belbin theory, improving teamwork by applying leadership theories such as path- goal theory, and soft and hard skills.

In addition to the recorded evidence of your group discussion in the form of meeting minutes and individual reflective report, the case study handout should cover the following points:

· Critically analyse how the culture, politics and power influence individual and team behavior and performance.

· Critically Evaluate how the organization can achieve its goals and influence the behaviors of others through application of content and process theories of motivation and motivational techniques.

· Critically evaluate and provide justified recommendations as how the relationship between culture, politics, power and motivation enables teams and organizations to succeed.

· Identify the mix of knowledge, skills and experience necessary for teams such as cross-functional team, problem solving team, or/ and self- managed team to fulfill their functions in Microsoft or any other organization

· Apply theories such as Tuckman and Belbin theories and leadership styles of the leaders to support the development of dynamic cooperation and influence behavior in a positive and negative way in Microsoft business context.

· Explain what makes an effective team as opposed to an ineffective team and assess the benefits of working in a team

· Critically apply, analyze, explore, and evaluate the relevance and importance of team and group development theories in organizational context.

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