How has the current political climate changed your perspective of other cultures?

How has the current political climate changed your perspective of other cultures?


Psych 1013 Paper assignment
For this assignment:
Write a 2-3 page reflection paper that identifies your strengths and weakness in regards to intercultural competence and your ability to effectively engage with others from different backgrounds and communities.
· “How has the current political climate changed your perspective of other cultures?”

· “How might this changed perspective inform your interactions with people from different ethnic backgrounds?”

· “How might you be able to enhance or alter your approach to other cultures?”

Please read the journal articles posted in Blackboard as they should be able to help you in your research for the paper. Please note, these citations are already in APA format!!!

Jun, H. (2016). Thinking styles and intercultural competencies. Journal of Intercultural

Management, 8(4), 89-116.

Deardorr, D.K. (2011). Assessing intercultural competence. New Directions for Institutional

Research, 149, 65-79.

You may, but are not required to, do additional research! You can use Google as a resource! See what others (like scholars) have to say about ways to improve intercultural competence. Your opinion is extremely important so be sure to express it.

· All citations must be in APA format (the minimum number of citations is two – the 2 papers listed above

Please view this link below to get a better understanding of intercultural competence.

It is expected that will use terms and knowledge that you have gained from this class.
The main body of this paper will be 2-3 pages in length, double spaced, with 1 inch margins
Times New Roman 12 pt font should be used everywhere
· The formatting must be precise APA style.
The paper will include the following sections (examples provided on blackboard):
· Title page
· Abstract (150 – 250 words)
· Main body (2-3 pages)
· References
THE REFERENCE PAGE – should be in alphabetical order by first author’s name (if there is more than one reference). DO NOT re-arrange and alphabetize the author’s names in the reference for any individual citation.
AVOID overuse of quotations (actually, aim for zero quotations)
NO “KEYWORDS” in the abstract
The main body of your paper should be at least 2, but not more than 3 pages. The title page, abstract, and reference page are not included in the main body and do not count toward the 3 page maximum.
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