How Healthcare Technologies Impact Roles Across The Industry

How Healthcare Technologies Impact Roles Across The Industry


The goal of this assignment is get a broad view of the technology landscape and what types of technologies are out there.
Using mind-mapping software of your choice, create a
mind map of the different healthcare information technologies and parse it out into different categories.
Review the
Mind Map document for an example of this assignment. You can use any of the following mind-mapping tools for your assignment or use a tool of
your choice.
Then, in a Word document, complete the following:
How has the healthcare technology landscape changed?
Are the healthcare technologies used for the same purpose? Explain.
How can they be used across departments?
How do healthcare technologies impact the roles across the industry?
Guidelines for Submission: Your mind map should be created using free software of your choice. The answers to the questions should be in a Word document
and should be a minimum of 1 page in length. All sources should be cited using APA style.

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