how leaders affect on employees and why they areimportant

how leaders affect on employees and why they areimportant

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i need this for discussion board what we learn about leaders from the first class which i post a powerpoint about thanks

this is an example of discussion:

Leaders set the tone of all aspects of an organization. How employees perform, how comfortable they feel, and how committed to the organization they are. At one of my former employers, my first manager used fear as a tactic. I worked really hard but sometimes there was so much pressure. I was worried when I made mistakes. I felt like I could never go to them with concerns or even to ask for days off. My manger after them was the complete opposite. They were more laid back and trusted us to get the job done. I definitely felt comfortable approaching them about anything, even personal issues. The downside was I picked up bad habits. My manager was always on their phone, so I thought it was acceptable to do the same. I would arrive late or ask to leave early because he would leave early. I’ve experienced managers on both sides of the leadership spectrums. We take on the behaviors and characteristics of leaders in our organization. Leaders are in their position because they have the qualifications to affect people and make a positive impact.

Most of the articles I found about ethics mention that organizational demands are many times unethical so they can gain an advantage. Even ethical leaders will make these unethical decisions for the better of the organization and to protect themselves. Employees also receive pressure from their leaders. Over 53% of employees felt some sort of retaliation from disobeying their managers. Employees have rights and can say no, file a complaint to HR, find a new job, etc. They’re always at least two sides to every story. The term ethics is different from every person you, so only we as employees know what crosses the line to unethical.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/06/smarter-living/work-ethics-advice.html

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