Hr policy | Human Resource Management homework help

Hr policy | Human Resource Management homework help



For this assignment, you will take on the role of a Human Resource Manager for a mid-size corporation with 200 employees and develop a company HR Policy and Manual. Prior to beginning the assignment, review the 10 “Employee Relations Scenarios.” Assess eight relevant employment and labor laws (e.g., OSHA, FMLA, Affirmative Action, ADA, Title VII, FLSA, ERISA, and/or EEOC) as they relate to the issues set forth in the ten employee relations scenarios. Explain how you would minimize these issues through the policy.

The HR Policy and Manual should be clearly organized and include the following:

A table of contents.

Headings for each employment and labor law, including

· a brief description of the law;

· an analysis of the purpose of the law,

· and an explanation of how the corporation and employees shall adhere to the applicable laws.

An appropriate employee acknowledgement section. 

A conclusion that explains how you would minimize the said issues through the HR policies.

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