BUS 3273 Human Resource Management
Guidelines for Comprehensive Case Study

As a member of a small group (3-4 team members), you will choose an organization and analyze their human resource management practices.

1. Select an organization. You can select any type of organization (for-profit business, government agency, non-profit, educational institution, etc.).
2. Conduct an interview with the human resource director, company owner, or President (whomever is the senior manager in charge of HR). A list of sample questions is attached.
3. Analyze the human resource policies and practices. You should compare the practices of the organization with the concepts and theories from your text, class discussions, or other readings. This should be a critical analysis, i.e., discuss that they do well, and where they need to improve. Then make recommendations for improvement that are appropriate and based upon your analysis.
4. Submit a written report that is double-spaced and 10-12 pages in length. Each paper should include a title page, table of contents, abstract, and a list of references. The paper must comply with APA format. The body of the paper should generally follow this format:
a. Title Page
b. Abstract
c. Table of Contents
d. Introduction
e. Findings
i. Human Resources planning
ii. Organizational Culture
iii. Job Analysis
iv. Recruitment
v. Selection
vi. Training and Development
vii. Performance Appraisal Process
viii. Compensation
ix. Benefit Administration
x. Termination Process
f. Recommendations
g. List of References
5. Develop a presentation that summarizes your findings and recommendations.

Sample Interview Questions

This list of questions is only a set of guidelines. You will probably want to ask additional questions, but this list should get you going in the right direction.

1. What is your rate of employee turnover?
2. What reasons do employees give for leaving your organization?
3. Ask for a copy of (or a link to) the employee handbook, organizational chart, or any other documentation they are willing to give you.
4. Ask for sample job descriptions.
5. How often do you conduct job analysis, revise job descriptions, etc.?
6. What recruiting methods do you use?
7. How do you make your selection decisions?
8. Describe your training and development programs.
9. Describe your policies and procedures for conducting performance appraisals.
10. How do you determine compensation levels?
11. What employee benefits are offered? Who administers them?
12. Describe what you consider to be your major HR challenges.