Human Resources Management Plan

A business plan is a blueprint – a detailed plan for starting, building, operating and managing a business. Key components include an executive summary, business concept/description, company analysis, industry analysis, competition analysis, customer analysis, marketing plan, operations plan, HR/management plan, financial plan, and appendix (includes financial projections, agreements, etc.).

HR/management plan. Current Industry retail car dealership, Edmonds, Washington Market Compensation/Salary Information-

A. Addendum to paper: Students will select and describe a concept for a business that includes at least five employees (five different positions). The business description needs to include geographic location and industry.

B. Based on the business concept/description, students will develop a HR/management plan for the business. The HR/management plan will cover management policies and processes for, but not limited to:

a. Paragraph 1 (Business concept/description)-
b. An organization chart-
c. Management team-
d. Employee positions with descriptions;
e. How to making ethical decisions;
f. Performance management;
g. Ensuring a safe and non-discriminatory work environment.