Human Rights Of Women Gender Discrimination/Gender Equality

Human Rights Of Women Gender Discrimination/Gender Equality


There are two major categories of “global problems:” a transnational issue and one that affects us all without “formally” crossing borders.
The core of the paper is a GLOBAL PROBLEM/ISSUE. Consider a crisis that bothers you deeply. Or, seek to research something that piques your curiosity. DO HUMAN RIGHTS OF WOMEN THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS
As discussed , the UN established 17 critical problems that we must work together to improve. These 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” offer terrific insights into potential topics. So, have a look at the Sustainable Development Goals
As a special advisor to the US Ambassador to the UN, your main focus is, of course, the impact such policies hold for the future of US global power/influence. Yet, the power can be harnessed for good or bad. Your chance here is to suggest ideas that can make the world a more positive, more egalitarian, more harmonious place for all of us to share.
You do not have to focus your topic specifically on a technological issue. Do, however, think of how technology is either helping the problem or making it worse.
Each topic begins with “Globalization.” So, in the following list, “Globalization AND…”
Each of these topics is a BROAD area. It is up to you to narrow it in on something manageable – you are making THREE RECOMMENDATIONS.
When deciding, consider if the topic area selected can provide you with THREE POINTS TO EXAMINE – symmetrical analysis is key here: examine the positives and negatives as you see them…
When writing your policy paper, you will take into consideration both the “positives” and “negatives” of each policy as they relate to US interests. If you notice, this is part of the problem!!! The nation-state model requires each country to put its own interests ahead of the global community.
Importantly, there are overlaps with these general “umbrella topics.” It will likely be the case that you will narrow the focus a bit more.
Globalization and…
· Gender Equality
Final Paper Overview, Section II
Selecting a strong topic is the first step. The next step is locating sources to make your arguments and offer evidence.
Importantly, the research skills you engage with to complete this assignment will help in all of your courses (as well as your post-college life). Engaging with quality sources also ensures that you hone your abilities to discern strong and weak sources (and arguments).
So, to recap: you need to select a truly global issue/concern/problem for your final paper. You then need to locate three quality, peer-reviewed articles/book chapters. And, then, you will need two reports from non-governmental organizations, the United Nations, or similar, to round out the research component.
An NGO is a group that works to help with a target problem (e.g., Doctors Without Borders (Links to an external site.) and medicine, or Amnesty International (Links to an external site.) and human rights, orGreenpeace (Links to an external site.) and the environment).
An IGO is an international governmental agency – think of governments sending delegations as they do to the United Nations (Links to an external site.). Examples of other IGOs besides for the UN include Oxfam (Links to an external site.), the World Bank (Links to an external site.), the IMF (Links to an external site.), and the World Health Organization (Links to an external site.).
A governmental agency is an organization like the CDC, the FBI, the State Department, and similar. Remember, you can seek out these for other countries besides the United States!
You WILL have to use the open web for the NGO component; however, nothing from the open web can be used for your peer-reviewed materials.
Three (3) Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles/Book Chapters
Two (2) Reports or Similar from NGOs, IGOs, governmental agencies, or charities.

Remember, part of the goal here is to hone your research skills. As such, it might be the case that you need to locate and utilize a different database. Seek out resources specific to your chosen topic/critical global issue. These are just some helpful “go-tos”

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