identify a moment from a course reading

identify a moment from a course reading


This essay ask you to identify a moment from a course reading that sparks your interest. It may be a moment where the author has an insight that seems exactly right-on or exactly wrong or misses some important point or perspective, that is confusing or hard to understand, or that sparks another idea that you wish to explore further. In the spark essay, you will identify the moment that sparked something in you (aka they say) and then give an account of your response (the I say). Read: TSIS, ch 3, As He Himself Puts It; bring Wanzo essay In class: TSIS, ch 3, exercise 1 (using Wanzo essay) Spark essay #2 due Readings! They Say, I Say, 2nd edition: https://www.iss.k12.nc.us/cms/lib/NC01000579/Centricity/Domain/2741/They%20Say%20I%20Say%20Full%20Text.pdf If you are struggling with the Wanzo essay, reading her much shorter CNN article (HERE) first might help: https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/26/opinions/ashley-kavanaugh-what-pictures-tell-us-about-brett-kavanaugh-rebecca-wanzo/index.html

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