1) For this discussion, you will take on the role of an UAGC professor with expertise in terrorism and homeland security. The Executive Dean for your College
has asked you to provide a written summary of possible future terrorist threats and challenges to Homeland Security in the United States. The aim of the
summary would be to secure funding for a more thorough formal report to the DHS, the DOD, or the DOS. You must research a minimum of two scholarly
sources from the UAGC Library (Links to an external site.) and two websites related to future terrorist threats and challenges. In your summary report,
present your top two terrorist threats or challenges to America that you predict in the next five to ten years. Address the ethical and legal issues that must be
considered in your assessment. Conclude with your assessment of the U.S. ability to counter this potential threat or the ability to withstand the attack and
effectively recover from the attack if the vulnerability or the threat from the terrorist group is left unaddressed.
2) For this discussion, examine how government agencies use technology to counter terrorism. Additionally, examine how terrorist groups use technology to
project terror. Address a minimum of two of the following elements posed by Martin (2016, p. 464) for your initial post:
Evaluate the threat from abuses of new technologies.
Assess how new technologies should be regulated.
Determine whether it is necessary to sacrifice freedoms to protect national security and to ensure the long-term viability of civil liberty.
Evaluate whether the same protocols should be used for domestic electronic surveillance and foreign surveillance.
Assess the likelihood that new surveillance technologies will be used as tools of repression by authoritarian regimes in the near future.
Please separate the two by their respective numbers.

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