Important Features Of Wharton’s The Age Of Innocence

Important Features Of Wharton’s The Age Of Innocence


This essay will focus on Wharton’s
The Age of Innocence or Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Guidelines & Objectives
Your objective is to conduct a critical, thesis-driven analysis that draws on textual evidence and
exercises strong logic in order to explicate an important feature of the text(s) on which you are
writing. You must also situate your argument in a relevant context or intellectual framework
(social, historical, political, artistic, etc.) and/or base your argument on an established critical or
theoretical method/framework (e.g., Marxism, feminism, eco-criticism).

You will be responsible for developing your thesis and the details of your argument,
. In developing your thesis and critical arguments, you should keep in mind the difference between observation/
description and explication/analysis. Whereas observation and description merely identify or
outline the presence of some technique, idea, or device in a text, explication and analysis take
another critical step by attempting to explain the effects and significance of your observations.
In other words, your essay should be based on a strong critical observation, but it should proceed
from there to offer a thorough explication of your ideas. You should also be sure to select a topic
that is suitable for the word-count requirement.

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