In 4 weeks, a student nurse will have two tests and one paper due in the same week. What is the most effective time-management strategy for this student nurse?

In 4 weeks, a student nurse will have two tests and one paper due in the same week. What is the most effective time-management strategy for this student nurse?


QUIZ # 1
1) A graduate nurse has been hired as a nurse at a local hospital. The new nurse is in the honeymoon phase of role transition when making which of the following statements?
“I am so nervous about being on my own as a nurse.”
“This will be a great learning experience.”
“I can’t wait to have a steady paycheck.”
“This job is perfect. I can finally do things my own way.”
2)  Which of the following actions by the graduate nurse is an inappropriate methodology to recover from reality shock?
Networking c.       Returning to school
Obtaining a mentor d.      Joining a support group
3)  A nurse is trying to avoid burnout. Which of the following actions is a valid way to achieve this?
Refusing to constantly work extra shifts
Withdrawing from peer support group
“Going native”
Changing jobs every 6 to 12 months
4)  Which of the following statements by the graduate nurse shows an understanding of reality shock as it applies to nursing?
“ Reality shock is the period when a person moves from school into the workforce.
“Reality shock is the realization that practice and education are not the same.”
“Reality shock is the period from graduation to becoming an experienced nurse.”
“Reality shock is a transition phase that new graduates go through before changing jobs.”
5)  Which statement indicates the nurse’s understanding of effective time management?
“The purpose of effective time management is to save hours, minutes, and seconds.”
“The purpose of effective time management is to do as much as possible in as short a time as possible.”
“The purpose of effective time management is to do as little as possible.”
“The purpose of effective time management is to achieve personal and professional goals.”
6)  A student nurse likes to sleep late and has a high-energy period in the evening. The student resists schedules and prefers to study when it “feels right” and in groups. Which of the following characteristics fit this student?
Early bird and left-brain dominance c.       Owl and left-brain dominance
Early bird and right-brain dominance d.      Owl and right-brain dominance
7)  In 4 weeks, a student nurse will have two tests and one paper due in the same week. What is the most effective time-management strategy for this student nurse?
Control time wasters to have more time for studying and writing.
Delegate everything possible to create more time for studying.
Schedule specific times on a calendar to study for the tests and to work on the paper during the next 4 weeks.
Wait to study for the tests and to write the paper the week before they are due because the student nurse “works best under pressure.”
8)  How can the student nurse increase studying efficiency?
Maintaining a supply of simple carbohydrates for a quick energy spurt
Alternating mental and physical activities to increase productivity
Working nonstop without breaks to focus concentration
Delegating tasks of household chores to family members
9) . The nurse manager is presenting at a conference and shows an adequate understanding of a mentoring relationship when giving the following as an example:
A coach and a player c.       An intern and a resident
A teacher and a learner d.      An advisor and a partner
10) The nurse professor is lecturing to students in their final semester of nursing school. Which statement by the nurse professor about mentoring is accurate?
“Mentoring involves solving an individual’s problems.”
“Mentoring focuses on the needs of someone else.”
“Mentoring means helping someone reach his or her long-term goals.”
“Mentoring requires pairing an experienced person with a novice.”
11)  While discussing a mentoring program with the nursing director, the nurse manager correctly states that mentoring is a
partnership. c.       static relationship.
one-way street. d.      method of gaining more experience.
12)  You are a graduate nurse in search of a mentor. To find a good “match,” what should you look for?
Choose an experienced nurse who is successful.
Look for things you and the potential mentor have in common.
Be very specific with the questions you ask of the possible mentor.
Be careful not to disclose too much personal information.
13) Which statement by the nursing student indicates an understanding of the purpose in setting a career goal?
“To guarantee you will achieve your goal”
“To keep you focused on your job search”
“To help you define your professional identity”
“To impress those part of the interview process”
14)  A nursing professor correctly states the expectations of the job market for nursing as
expected downsizing, decreased number of nursing positions.
expected decrease in the number of unlicensed assistive personnel.
expected increase in unlicensed assistive personnel: personnel.
expected increased hiring of new graduates.
15)  Which action by the graduate nurses shows understanding of resume writing?
Ensures that all of the dates for their employment history are specific
Does not overstate skills
Includes a thorough discussion of experiences as a nursing student
Includes only last two positions
16)  The nursing professor is assisting a group of nursing students in creating resumes. The professor instructs them to include which of the following demographic data?
Career goal c.       Experience
Address d.      Education
17) The graduate nurse understands the purpose of the NCLEX-RN® exam when stating which of the following?
“The exam provides feedback to the candidate regarding areas of weakness in nursing practice.”
“The exam determines the candidate’s ability or inability to meet minimum standards for safe practice.”
“The exam gives employers an opportunity to hire graduates who have scored highest among first-time licensure candidates.”
“The exam prepares new graduates as efficient, effective staff nurses.”
18)  Which statement by the nursing professor is accurate about the NCLEX-RN® exam? The purpose of the NCLEX-RN® test plan is to ensure that all
“test takers answer items of comparable difficulty.”
“test takers answer approximately the same number of items.”
“test items are job related.”
“clinical specialties will be equally represented.”
19)  In trends class, a student tells the instructor, “I don’t think I can possibly pass the NCLEX-RN®. I hated psych nursing, but now I’ve heard that a huge amount of the NCLEX® is psych related.” What is the best response from the instructor?
“Perhaps you should consider retaking the psychiatric nursing course.”
“There are equal numbers of questions related to each aspect of client needs.”
“Psychosocial integrity is the basis for 6% to 12% of the examination.”
“You will need to take a review course in which they teach psychiatric nursing principles.”
20)  Which statement indicates the graduate nurses understanding of the process at the NCLEX® testing site?
“I will be thumb printed and photographed.”
“I will be placed in a locked testing cubicle.”
“I will answer 300 test questions.”
“I will be given some questions as a paper-and-pencil test.”
21) Which statement indicates the nurse understands the Latin origin of “nurse?”
“The Latin word for ‘nurse’ is carena, meaning ‘caring.’”
“The Latin word for ‘nurse’ is nimphe, meaning ‘nurture.’”
“The Latin word for ‘nurse’ is succurus, meaning ‘relief.’”
“The Latin word for ‘nurse’ is nutricius, meaning ‘nourishing.’”
22)  The nursing student has an adequate grasp of nursing history when stating that after the fall of the Roman Empire, the knowledge of health practice was primarily preserved by
English monks in cloistered buildings.
Jewish physicians who could translate into Latin.
Roman priests who practiced medicine.
Fortuna, who practiced midwifery.
23)  Which of the following is true of early Christian deaconesses and how they became responsible for caring for poor and ill people?
The deacons relinquished this work to women (specifically, widows and virgins).
The early church valued women.
No one else would care for poor and ill people.
The deaconesses had formal training to do the work.
24)  What was the description of a nurse in the medieval times during the Holy Wars?
A woman who had been specially trained by a magician
A man who was committed to following his Lord into battle
A man who had training to care for a wounded knight
A woman who had studied with an older nurse
25) Based on data, the nurse interprets which educational program as producing the most graduate nurses annually?
Diploma program c.       Baccalaureate program
Associate degree program d.      Master’s and doctoral programs
26)  The student nurse interprets which characteristic as one of graduates from a diploma school of nursing?
They have obtained a general education in nursing theory and sciences that can be applied toward an advanced degree.
They are well prepared to function in the institution in which the school is located.
Advanced courses in nursing management and leadership apply to advanced degrees in nursing.
They are prepared to practice in advanced nursing clinical situations.
27)  What type of program is designed for students who prefer to take classes on the Internet?
Career ladder programs c.       Online degree programs
BSN completion programs d.      University-without-walls programs
28)  A new graduate wishes to select a program in nursing that will assist in preparation to care for individuals, families, groups, and communities. The new graduate should select a(n)
practical nursing school. c.       associate degree program.
diploma program in nursing. d.      baccalaureate program.
29)  A nurse wishes to incorporate Dorothea Orem’s theory into practice. Which action by the nurse encompasses this theory?
The nurse completes the AM care for a patient.
The patient gets dressed with help from the nurse aide.
The patient knows his or her own medication dosages and what time they are due.
The patient’s spouse assumes all responsibility for the patient’s medications.
30)  The nurse has an adequate understanding of the four major metaparadigms when making which comment to a colleague? “The four major metaparadigms are
“nursing, environment, health, and illness.”
“nursing, environment, person, and society.”
“person, environment, health/illness, and nursing.”
“person, society, wellness, and health/illness.”
31)  What is a common thread in the majority of definitions of a nursing theory?
Words or phrases that present a direction to how interrelated concepts can provide a reference for the study and the delivery of nursing care
A list of the concepts and problems within the nursing profession and the suggested or anticipated solution of those problems
A composite of the opinions and recommendations of famous, well-known nursing leaders
An advanced role description for the study of the delivery of nursing care and the integration of nursing services with the most favorable economic consequences
32)  Roy’s adaptation model capitalized on health and wellness based on how well one copes with stressors and the environment. Which statement by the nurse shows understanding of equilibrium? Equilibrium is reached through adaptation of our
“safety needs.” c.       “physiological needs.”
“self-esteem needs.” d.      “love and belonging needs.”
33)  The nurse interprets which characteristic as the forefront of discussion about nursing’s professionalism?
Education c.       Social values
Altruism d.      Code of ethics
34)  A nurse has been studying Levenstein’s characteristics of a profession. The nurse demonstrates adequate understanding when interpreting which of the following components as part of the model?
A code of ethics
A systematic, defined progression of education
An accreditation process
Publications or journal for the profession
35)  The nurse understands the importance of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, when stating which of the following?
“It provided a standard of practice for nursing.”
“It allowed professional nursing organizations to act as unions on behalf of member nurses.”
“It established the framework for political action in legislative activities.”
“It financially supports research in nursing and education.”
36) What is the most consistent concern of the nurse as manager?
To develop long-range career goals
To coordinate patient care while meeting the agency goals
To maintain harmony within the agency
To organize the subordinates to meet agency goals
37)  What action would be an appropriate first step for the nurse to take toward becoming an effective manager?
Learn how to effect and direct the change process.
Assess individuals’ sources of power.
Develop communication and interpersonal skills.
Implement effective nursing care plans.
38)  What do the responsibilities of the nurse manager include?
Planning and organizing how nursing care can most effectively be delivered on the nursing unit
Establishing the nursing care standards to be implemented on the unit
Developing educational programs to assist staff to meet licensure requirements
Assisting staff to adhere to organizational policies and procedures
39)  The nursing staff on a busy unit enjoys autonomy and needs minimal direction for patient care. Which leadership style would be most effective on this unit?
Democratic c.       Laissez-faire
Authoritarian d.      Bureaucratic
40)  Which statement best describes effective leadership by the nurse manager?
Directs a staff nurse to modify his or her communication skills
Fosters behavior changes in one staff member that have positive effects on the nurse manager and his or her peers
Encourages behavior changes through the annual evaluation process
Uses the group process to determine what behavior is distressing to staff



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