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HISTOEY Homework



How Revolutionary was the Revolution?

In the late-eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, a wave of political revolutions swept through the Atlantic World. Inspired in part by Enlightenment philosophies about government by consent of the governed, these revolutions shook established monarchies in Europe and broke apart empires in the Americas. Yet these revolutions also had limitations in terms of how much political and social change they really brought about. In this activity, you will analyze an Atlantic Revolution and consider how significantly it changed social and political structures for the people who lived through it.

  1. Choose a revolution to focus on for this assignment. You may choose between the American Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, or the French Revolution. You can find information about all of these in the Acrobatiq text. You may also perform your own external research. Be sure to use reputable sources.
  2. Download and complete the How Revolutionary was the Revolution worksheet based on the revolution you chose. Be sure to include specific examples and evidence to support your ideas. Cite your sources appropriately.
  3. Submit your completed worksheet to this Assignment by the date indicated on the course syllabus.
  4. Due Date: (Midnight Sunday 1/31. 2021).

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