Brownbag Presentations:

In this assignment, you will present a 10-15 minutes Brownbag presentation on a topic of your choice. This will be a group activity and will consist of two assigned members. The presentation will be done according the topic of choice and 30 minutes before the class lecture. Please have your topic and presentation should have been submitted. You will work together as a team or independently to complete the brownbag presentation. Remember the topic of choice must be approved and given to the instructor before you start.


In this presentation, you will discuss any topic related to psychology, personality, psychological disorders, and or therapeutic interventions. This assignment will consist of a 4-6 page research paper, which includes ONE-peer review journal submission on whatever resource you obtained your research from, a powerpoint presentation, and at least THREE references for your presentation. You may use YouTube, movie clips, role-plays, handouts, and other approved tools that may help make your presentation SUCCESSFUL.


Directions for Brownbag Presentation:

1 Obtain and approved research topic which will serve as a topic for discussion. Set up an presentation date.

2 This presentation can be done in a group or individually as you chose the topic of your own desire.

3 Write a 4-6 page research paper that will be given to the class. Please provide the appropriate copies for your colleagues. You can use a newsletter software link. Please be creative and unique this is your opportunity to shine. Be short and precise regarding the chosen topic. Strive for professional, accuracy, creativity, and academically fun to read.

4 Remember the book is ONE source: Please include literature reviews, treatment interventions such as (CBT, REBT, Music or Art Therapy), that may be included in helping a person deal or relate to your topic of discussion. Please include at least 3 references in your powerpoint.

5 Additional questions may be included in this presentation, which may help you spark your creativity…..which includes What is consistent finding in the literature on this topic?

6 What is the new findings?

7 What are the issues of discussion with the topic?

8 What is an essential finding that someone in practice may need to know?

9 What is something interested that you learned?

10 What are limitations on this topic?

11 As you work on this presentation; pretend that you are in practice and the “EXPERT” as you market your practice and expertise’s to your colleagues. Present your presentation with your own personalized style.

We have to modify this project and make it accessible via Youtube or recording so that I have access to it and can see your presentation style. The powerpoint must be email along with the recording of your presentation. It can be submitted via Powerpoint, Perzi, Informecial and any other creative ways, as long as I am able to retrieve it.

This activity will help you gain the ability to obtain the appropriate knowledge and understanding of psychology. This activity will also help you gain an understanding of developing good presentation and public speaking skills. Your grade is based on presentation, knowledge, and accuracy of the information. Please be advised that this assignment is worth 20% of your grade.


The submission options can be Youtube, Zoom recording, Perez, Powerpoint with Recordings, and be sure that whatever recording device you use that I have full access to it and the link. If it is blocked or unable to download this would affect your grade. This counts as 20% of your final grade.

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