In this module, we are covering communication and how to share the insights from your analyses

In this module, we are covering communication and how to share the insights from your analyses. This is extremely important, even the best analysis is useless if the relevant insights are not effectively communicated to the relevant decision-makers and stakeholders. In addition, you will often find yourself in a situation in which you have to communicate (potentially complex) information to individuals inside and outside an organization who may or may not be experts in Accounting and/or data analytics. Write a discussion post addressing the questions below.

PLEASE Answer BOTH questions fully!

  1. Discuss a prior experience when you were “sharing your story” (an assignment, a project, a report, etc.) with others. You have a lot of flexibility here and it doesn’t have to be about data analytics. It could be a presentation you have done at work, a report or presentation in college, or something completely different from your personal life – as long as you are comfortable sharing it. Cover the following, to the best of your ability: What was the topic or situation? Who was your “audience”? Did you face any particular challenges? What would you do differently if you got the chance to redo it?
  2. Develop your own “Top 5 Tips for Effective Data Visualization (in Accounting/Business).” You can use information from the textbook as well as other online sources (there are a lot!). In addition to just listing your top 5 tips, make sure that you explain them in detail and also justify why you consider these five important.

As before, remember to properly cite all your sources according to APA guidelines. You must have at least 3 citations.

Your post should be at least 600 words

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