Insurance companies

Insurance companies


One of the biggest parts of the U.S. health care system—and some would say that the most complicated—is the system of payments and reimbursements. There are

many ways health care is paid for, including payment from insurance companies, charitable contributions, direct payments by customers, and government


For your Discussion Board assignment, respond to the following items:

Describe a recent interaction that you (or someone you know) had with an insurance company or attempt to have a health care bill paid.
Explain what went well or went poorly with the interaction.
Based on this experience, discuss your thoughts about the role of payment services in health care and what that role should look like in the future.

It is important that health care organizations train and mentor potential successors for critical positions. One way organizations do that is through

succession planning. Define succession planning, explain its importance to organizational vitality, and discuss the succession planning process.

The initial post should be at least 400-600 word

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