International financial management: united kingdom

International financial management: united kingdom


1. What are the currencies of your selected country and its partners? Briefly describe these currencies and their classification in a particular exchange rate regime i.e. hard or soft peg, floating, etc.

2. Search for multinationals that operate in your group country. Go to the websites of your selected companies and examine their international business activity. What percentage of revenues did these companies derive from their foreign operations in the last two most recent fiscal years? Is their foreign activity increasing or decreasing? What explanations, if any, has the company offered for this increase or decrease in their foreign activity? Where are the headquarters of each company located? Is the recent trend in the value of your country’s currency that you saw in #3 expected to have a favorable or unfavorable impact on your selected company? Why do you think so? You should be able to find the required data in each company’s financial statements, which you can locate in their websites in the investor relations sections (SEC filings – 10K reports). (20 points) You should also provide appropriate support for your statements by clearly referencing your resources.

These cannot be neither of the following: ASDA (Walmart), HSBC, Prudential Financial

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