Student learning analysis (SLA) are a global summary of how certain internship tasks, journal entries, interaction with supervisors and internship staff helped students meet their internship learning objectives, and how these derived in new learning.  Personal, academic and professional efforts to operate in the context of sudden local, national and global disruption are to be included in SLA documents.   

In writing a Learning Analysis there is a deliberate reflective effort, and the ability to articulate and share such reflections with an academic audience. UGS Internship Program expects internship learning analysis, at least 4 full page, typed paper.

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Before writing the SLA, read the ten journal entries so to reconnect with the bulk of the quarterly reflections.  Regardless of the order in which these are presented, UGS Internship Learning Analyses must address the following themes:
1. a.    Rationale for choosing this particular site at this particular point in the student’s academic process, and general description of this internship position held.
2. b.    Description and examples of how internship learning objectives listed in the student’s internship proposal were met.
c.    Examples of core assigned tasks and how these relate to student’s areas of interest. (Liberal Arts)
1. d.    Description and examples of skills, whether academic, technical, administrative, or social those tasks required, and whether the student feels at this point expert, competent, or familiar with them.
2. e.    Relevant insight on the historical, political, and social circumstances that fostered the creation/existence of this internship site.
3. f.    Relevant insight on the historical, political, and social factors influencing the larger phenomena or problem this internship site intends to address.
4. g.    Description and examples of how the current local, national and global disruption has affected the operations of your internship site
5. h.    Description and examples of how your internship site has managed to deal with such disruption
6. i.    A summary of the ways in which the internship experience benefited the student in terms of new learning
7. j.    Recommendations for making more meaningful, pleasant, and/or academically productive all future internship opportunities at this site, if the local, national and global disruption continues beyond one quarter.

UGS internship Learning objectives

– Engage in critical inquiry that employs relevant sources and methods.
– Consider diverse perspectives, including opposing points of view and marginalized voices.
– Connect learning with theories and experience through reflective practice.
-Analyze power, oppression, and resistance in pursuit of justice.
-Communicate effectively in oral, written, and visual forms.
– Examine issues in both local and global contexts.

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