Interview with an Older Adult Presentation
You are to conduct an interview with an older adult age 65 or older (try to avoid interviewing a
relative). The purpose of this interactive assignment is to give you an opportunity to get a sense
of who the older person is today and who he/she was as a younger person. This project crosses
the “life course”, which includes information from the earliest moments in one’s life to current
times. Seek information to help you understand the older adult’s memories of their historical
context and to examine some of the material covered in class. In your presentation, you must
include theory, as well as other concepts from class. Additionally, summarize what you learned
from the interview, describe the person you interviewed (e.g., how you met the interviewee, is
the person working or retired?). Include your impressions about aging based on the interview.
Also, include your own personal reflections (e.g., Was the interview difficult? If so, why? Was
it more fun than you thought it would be? What would you do differently? Do you think this
will help you in your career working with older adults?) **You are to assure confidentiality of
this interview by informing the older person that he or she will be identified by a pseudonym and
no other identifying information will be reported. **
For your presentation, you will need to create a PowerPoint. You will present your findings
from the interview via Zoom. Zoom is a web conferencing software, which allows for
collaboration and is a great platform for class presentations. The presentation should be no
longer than 20 minutes—points will be deducted from your grade if you should go over the time

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