Intro to project scenario | Government homework help

Intro to project scenario | Government homework help



We will now begin to introduce the project scenario. This project is the major focus for Labs 5 – 8.

Scenario Background. In this scenario, you a member of the Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center (WRTAC). The WRTAC falls under the District of Columbia’s Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA), which is the primary Homeland Security Fusion Center for the Washington capital region. “HSEMA manages the District’s emergency operations to prevent, respond to and recover from natural and man-made emergencies, and serves as the central communications point during regional emergencies.” As a member of the WRTAC you lead the Geospatial Analysis Cell, where you have a small team of GIS professionals and GIS production systems, to include Esri’s ArcMap software.

Threat Reporting. The National Security Agency released a threat report to the WRTAC stating that individuals located in France and Belgium were discussing a possible attack on a foreign embassies located on Massachusetts Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. According to the cellphone intercept, the embassies are being targeted because their governments are participating in the military campaign to counter the Islamic State called Operation Inherent Resolve.

Your task, as Chief of the GAC, is to review the threat data and provide GIS support to the over 100 local, state and federal agencies participating in the WRTAC. 

After reading the article, “How GIS Supports the Fight Against Terrorism” by Sangeeta Deogawanka, discuss the products and analysis that your Geospatial Analysis Cell might provide to the many law enforcement, medical and other first responders regarding the threat. Think about the support before, during, and after any incident.

Link:  https://www.gislounge.com/gis-supports-fight-terrorism/ 

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