1. Introduce yourself by stating your name and briefly showing me a photo ID
    1. Photo ID can be a government ID like a passport or Driver’s License,  or a school ID (high-school, college). If you do not have a photo ID like this, please get in touch with me via Canvas message and we can set up a Zoom meeting to verify for your identity. This information is ONLY to verify your enrollment in class and will never be shared or used outside of this experience (and your classmates will NOT see this video, just me!).  The only information on the ID that needs to be visible is your picture and name; you can cover/tape over any information you do not feel comfortable showing on camera. 
  2. Something about you and music; either your personal musical experience (such as instruments you play) OR your favorite musical artist or genre 
  3. One final tidbit; maybe you want to tell me about your hobbies, or show me your household pet. Alternatively, you can take a moment to communicate a challenge or anxiety you have this term that I might be able to help with!


This is our check-in assignment for the course. As such, if you do not complete it on time, you will be dropped from this class as per PCC policy.  

Your video will be marked complete and receive full credit if you have:

  1. Addressed, in your own words, the three topics outlined in the instructions
  2. Showed your face and photo ID (or verified your identity by setting up a Zoom meeting) with audio clear enough to be understood

Please don’t spend time trying to make things perfect, or editing; you’ll see from my video example below that it should be very simple. If it helps, you can use notes/script to help you remember what you want to say!

Technical_Support.pngTechnical support

Once you click “Start Assignment,”  you will see a box that says “Record/Upload Media.” When you click that, you can choose to upload a video file from your computer/phone OR you can take a video directly through Canvas. 

If you are facing a technical issues that can’t be solved via the Canvas support, send me a Canvas message with the information that I asked for in the assignment prior to the deadline, and then we will work together from there to find a solution after that. But, please read the help guide in the link below prior to doing this.

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