Introduction: If you could change any U.S. domestic policy today, what would it be? For this activity, choose a policy you would like to change, submit a brief explanation of the policy you would like to change, and identify three references to support this policy change. This is the same policy you will use to write your Final Reflection assignment (due next week).

Step 1: Choose a domestic public policy (examples listed below). Approval for your policy is required and will be provided in the grading rubric.

Note: If your policy and/or references are not approved you will need to read the instructor feedback and provide an updated policy and/or references to be approved before submitting your final assignment.

Step 2: Identify three references to support the policy change.

Step 3: Submit a Word document with your policy choice and one paragraph explaining why that is a policy you’d like to change and citations for your three references.

Part2  of assignment

Final Reflection

Introduction: This assignment builds off the Policy You Would Change activity you completed in Week 9.Part 1: What is one domestic policy that you would change? Why?

Part 2: From the list of branches below, choose 2 and explain the procedures for changing or making a new policy for each of those two.

Part 3: In what way can the public influence this proposed policy change?