3 parts to each discussion post.
1.    Consider: APA documentations details. Cite in the text (for quotes and summarizing both and limit your quotes) and reference at the bottom. You don’t get points for research if you don’t have in text citations. I can’t tell your thoughts from research.
2.    Research: Supporting your points with research is one way to think about each main question and responses. These are not opinion based posts.
3.    Critical thinking/original thoughts: Another way to think about this is drawing strong conclusions about the research.
Alma Faulkenberger is an 85-year-old female outpatient sitting in the waiting room awaiting an invasive pelvic procedure. The health care professional who will assist in her procedure enters the room and calls “Alma.” There is no reply so the professional retreats to the work area. Fifteen minutes later the professional returns and calls “Alma Frankenberg.” Still no reply, so he leaves again. Another 15 minutes pass and the professional approaches Alma and shouts in her ear, “Are you Alma Frankenberg?” She replies, “No I am not, and I am not deaf either, and when you get my name correct I will answer you.”
Using the topic materials below, develop a plan to help Alma be compliant with the procedure and post-treatment medication. Also, describe the approach you would take to patient education in this case.


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All references must be within 5 years.

For more information on Invasive Pelvic Procedure read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimally_invasive_procedure

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