Complete Lesson 5: The Service Value Chain

Complete Lesson 5: Quiz

Complete Lesson 5 and the Quiz: The service value chain in uCertify under the Course Resources. Submit the three required screenshots, along with Part 2B, to this module’s Assessment Dropbox. Take a screenshot of the Confirmation page, the Test Result and the Report Card with your name included. Copy  and paste the screenshots into the same word document you use for Part 2B.

(All items are to be attempted in order to earn the Part 2A Lab points)

Assessment Part 2B:

Assessment Instructions

Complete the following questions in an MS Word Document in APA format. Double space your work and use 12-point font using Times New Roman. You must include both a separate cover and reference page.

1. Understand Access Control Protocols: The two basic forms of medium access control protocols are CSMA/CD, which is found on star-wired bus local area networks, and CSMA/CA, which is found on wireless local area networks. Discuss the differences and similarities of these two protocols. Why would two be needed? Discuss why CSMA/CD would not be a good choice for a wireless network.

2. Price vs. Performance: Your Company is opening a new office and you have been selected to be the IT person. Money is tight and everything must be newly provisioned. You decide to utilize the six value chain activities to meet the needs of the organization. Your first step is to research the differences in all components, performance, and costs between 100-Mbps. LAN and 1000-Mbps LAN configurations.

a. Prepare a chart showing the performance and price difference.

b. Consider that you will be deploying in an office with 100 people, including a demanding General Manager. There is a “good amount” of file sharing within the office (which is what your boss said when you asked him that question).

c. Given the cost differences, which system would you recommend? Also, consider that everyone wants fast Internet (no external application serving will be taking place from the office), but there will be email.

d. Will your choice affect the Internet speed of the users?

e. How would you deliver value and support the needs of the organization?

3. Understand the network design process: You create a report for the organization and discuss the differences and similarities between a physical network

design and a virtual design. Using the service value chain activities, you assess the overall importance of design when it comes to building network infrastructure.

4. Become an expert on switches: In your report: you include the importance of switches as a very important component in any network. You provide a technical description of the internal operation of a basic switch. You include how and why is it different than a hub? You include the description of some important configuration options that may be commonly found with switches.

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