Jesus | Philosophy homework help

Jesus | Philosophy homework help



Please read the following guidelines:

(1) Your discussion will be open from now until Friday.

(2) You are expected to participate in three ways. If you do these three things, you will receive passing credit (15/20). To receive outstanding credit (20/20), you must go above and beyond the expectations, posting at least four times (including your initial post).

-Pose at least one interpretive question about the content so far (a text or class content). See Jesus Questions-1.docxPreview the documentView in a new window to understand what an interpretive question is. Post the question on the thread. Include the page numbers in Powell or verse number(s) in the NT you are referencing (i.e., Mark 1:2-5).

-Respond to at least one interpretive question on the board.

-Pose at least one follow up question or answer on the board.

(3) To pose your interpretive question, simply hit the “reply button” at the top of the thread to start a new thread with your question. Peruse other threads to fulfill the other expectations of the discussion (#2 above).

(4) Please keep the discussion professional and respectful; however, be sure to challenge each other with clarifying questions and “why” questions.

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