Job cover letter and resume

Job cover letter and resume


position summary : the esl teaching assistant will help adult eal students individually or in a group under the direction of class instructor . The TA will support the learners as they practice their speaking, listening, writing, reading eng language skills and give additional  assistant to the instructor As needed.                             position requirements: 1) highly proficient in English 2) interest in other cultures 3)  excellent interpersonal skills 4) able to wirk as a part of team 5) able to create a positive learning atmosphere with patience, empathy and humour 6) an additional language would be Considered an asset 7) previous teaching experience would be an assets 8) experience working with newcomers to Canada would be considered an asset                                                           Working hours ; 3 hours a day mon- Thursday 9:00-12:00 and 6:00 to 9:00 pm     Please include resume and cover writing letter                                                          Please-read this before :  https://advice.writing.utoronto.ca/types-of-writing/application-letters/

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