JOURNAL ARTICLE Summary 2 single spaced

JOURNAL ARTICLE Summary 2 single spaced

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This information will help you to understand what I am looking for the summary one page , The summery should attempt to identify a common theme among the readings (Book chp 8 available picture of book. book by Karl DeRouen, Jr. An introduction to civil wars end

  1. Start by an introduction 3 paragraphs for readings How this readings article by Howard chp 9and other artcle, as whole what is the common theme they addressing? identifying the Main Point: Get that information by reading the title and abstract. Also consider skimming the introduction and conclusion.
  2. Look for definitions: How does the article define concepts that are the focus of the study? For example, what define a civil war? What defines democracy?
  3. Read the full article: highlight only item are central to that authors argument.
  4. Take note: write down Key point as part of chart. ( Chart 99 document )

JOURNAL ARTICLE Summary VERY IMPORTANT ( Give what you think about the central point of this readings) Big picture rather than every little words. paragraph Conclusion what is interesting about the reading? What you think it is flow or lacking? If there is gaps an solutions,

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