Journeys into finding their own identity

Following are the topics we covered in this course:

  1. Violence against women of color and neglect by law enforcement agencies & Border Patrol
  2. History of colonialism, slavery, genocide, implicit bias, and silencing of women of color both within their own communities and outside;
  3. Redlining, racial segregation & gentrification
  4. Racial Stereotypes of women of color
  5. Journeys into finding their own identity
  6. Economic exploitation, class disparity, gender wage gap, domestic and housekeeping work
  7. Black and Trans motherhood
  8. Economic exploitation
  9. Breaking the silence, rebellion, activism (peaceful and militant), effective organizing by women of color

Pick any 3 out of the 10 topics listed above in order to develop one cohesive analysis of what life is like for women of color in the United States, and how they are dealing with their oppression. Bring together and compare a minimum of 6 class sources (essays and/or films) in order to develop your own specific argument regarding these issues.

Read all the Instructions below:

– The paper should be 6-pages long, typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 font with 1” margins all around. Points will be deducted for falling short of the page length.

-In-text citations from minimum 6 class sources required (each essay from the books counts as one source).

– Include a Works Cited page at the end of the paper.

– Citation Format: Use APA or similar author-date format for citations. Give appropriate page numbers after quotes or paraphrases.

– The paper should focus on specific topics you picked and should be well-developed and organized. Give a title, and a proper introduction.

-Use the Review Checklist posted on Canvas to write your assignment.

-There should be a clearly written thesis statement followed by analysis with strong textual evidence in the form of quotes and examples from the course materials, with appropriate citations.

– Avoid making broad claims and generalizations about society, patriarchy, racism, oppression, etc.

– Avoid summarizing the essays too much. Instead, focus on developing your own analysis based on arguments found in course readings and films. Please do NOT move from summary of one text to another. Instead, develop a more cohesive structure for your paper.

-Establishing connections between different readings is very important.


Submit the paper as an MS Word docx attachment on Canvas (Avoid google docs).