key mining products and refining

key mining products and refining


Explain the importance of commonly mined metals, metalloids, precious stones and rare earth elements by summarizing how these base materials play a role in the objects of our everyday life.

Summarize the processes of obtaining key mining products and refining them for use in our everyday objects.

Follow the instructions below to complete your assignment. Remember to start your assignment early and to direct any questions to your instructor as soon as possible. Use Practical Lab 2_Template to create your assignment.

1. Choose ONE of the following sedimentary rocks to focus on for your assignment:

2. Create a lab report document that adheres to the structure below and includes the information outlined for each section:

Title page (APA Format):

Include a report title, your name, course name/code, and course instructor name.

Identify the rock that you have selected (e.g., granite).
Classify the

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