Key Sport Psychology Concept

Using the two peer-reviewed journal articles you obtained from the Capella library, identify a key sport psychology concept (such as self-confidence, competitive planning, or refocusing strategies) or skill (such as goal setting, self-talk, or visualization). Summarize the content of these articles in a maximum of two paragraphs.

Then, discuss how you might apply what you have learned about your chosen role, concept, or skill.

Response Guidelines

Review the findings of other learners and develop a list of the learner-selected skills, themes, or concepts.

Create a second post in this discussion that answers the following questions:

  • What seems to be the most frequently chosen concept or skill?
  • How do the individual themes you identified compare to the relative themes of the group as a whole?
  • Based on these findings, what implications can you possibly draw for your future application of sport psychology knowledge?
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