Kinesiology Movement Paper

Kinesiology Movement Analysis Paper


You will write an analysis of movement paper for the sport or activity of your

choice. The analysis should be broken down into the different phases necessary for

the particular sport or activity (stance, preparatory (windup), power phase, and

follow-through phase). Someone without knowledge of the sport or skill but

knowledgeable in anatomy, kinesiology, and anatomical terminology should be able

to read your paper and perform each and every movement at every joint from initial

stance through the follow through by following exactly what you write. For each

phase of the sport the student must list all of the muscles primarily involved in

maintaining each position (or preventing movement from that position), causing

each movement, or controlling each movement at EVERY joint. This listing must

include the type of muscle contraction (isometric, eccentric, or concentric) for each

of the muscles primarily involved and the specific movement or position for each

joint. Include an estimation of the joint angle.

The guidelines listed below are to be followed in writing the paper.

A. The instructor must approve your topic before you begin.

B. The paper must have a title page. Title page information must include: Paper

title, Course Name, Students Name, Professors Name, Date.

C. The paper must be typed and double-spaced.

D. All page margins must be set to one inch all around. All font size must be 12.

E. One point will be counted off for each misspelled word.

F. The paper should be three or more full pages of typed content, not counting

title page, table of contents, bibliography page, pictures, illustrations, charts,


G. At least three references must be used. The textbook can be one.

H. The APA style should be used for the paper.

I. Bibliography must be included.

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