KINS235 Sport And Exercise Psychology

KINS235 Sport And Exercise Psychology


Answer these questions about the study:

1.What was the purpose of the study (i.e., research question)?

2.What was the hypothesis/were the hypotheses?

3.Who were the participants in the study?  How were they selected?  What were the inclusion and exclusion criteria?

4.Was the study a descriptive, longitudinal (prospective), correlational, quasi-experimental or experimental research design?  Explain.

5.Was it applied or basic research?  Explain

6.What were the independent and dependent variables (i.e., the abstract concepts)?  How were they operationalized (i.e., manipulated or measured)?

7.How was the study conducted? (i.e, What did the subjects do?) Describe the basic procedures.

8.What were the results of the study? i.e., What was found in the study?  Provide a written description of the statistical outcomes and the basic interpretation of the statistics.

9.What conclusions do the authors make?  Are the conclusions and interpretations justified given the results that were presented?  Why or why not?  Did the results and discussion seem consistent? Why or why not?   Are there alternative explanations for the results, interpretations and conclusions? Explain your answers fully (i.e., this is the question that requires you to think about the logic of  the design and the results obtained).

10.What were the limitations of the study indicated by the author(s)?

11.Can you think of other limitations not acknowledged by the authors?

12.Evaluate the internal validity of the study.  That is, can the study make causal explanations about the effect of the independent variable(s) on the dependent variable(s)?

13.Evaluate the external validity of the study.  Can the results be generalized to other participants or other settings?

14.Explain how you think the study helps us to understand the influence of the independent variable(s) on the dependent variable(s) (i.e., if experimental or quasi-experimental) or the relationship among the variables examined (i.e., if a non-experimental design).

15.What implications do the study’s findings have for us – in KIN, as future practitioners, or even members of society?

16.If you were conducting research in this area, what would be the next study you would conduct based on the outcome of this study?  That is, where do we go from here?

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